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USB charger series
        Curve Lithium Battery series 
Polymer Li-ion Battery series
 Custom Gang Charger

PCB For 1S Battery

Protection Circuit Module for 1S 3.7V Li-ion Battery.

Charge Management Board (CMB)

 Customized Polymer Li-ion Battery /Curved Lithium Polymer  Battery,we provide UN38.3 certificate.

 What is UN38.3,more details about UN38.3 ,can click on here


  Customer can complete ​custom cell form here..

NIMH battery pack protection board 
0.45mm Super thin battery 3V 22mAh for RFID Device

LiFePO4 26650 Rechargable Battery Pack
LED Bulb and Lighting series..

               LMNC 26650  3.7V 4500 mAh 

               3C discharge current 

               Li(Ni CoMn)O2  material                    


10 Port USB Charger
E-cigarette Batteries series...

Battery management system for 51.8V 14S  Li-ion and 

Li-polymer battery pack.

LiFePO4 Battery for E-Motorcycle
Lithium Ion Cells- LiFePO4 Battery

 12.8V 100Ah LFP battery

Battery Fuel Gauge
BMS with Bluetooth
We offer 24V 500W, 36V 500W, 48V 750W solution
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220Vac inverter with USB 5V 2A output

 28v 400mA adapter with UL/CE approval


12.8V 10A LFP charger
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Sync Stop Adapter:

Charge Safely ,Protect your

mobile phone from accidental

syncing and malware!

18650 Li-ion battery series
Li-Ion/LFP 3.3A charger

  Lithium Ion Powersport Battery pack

   Motorcycle start battery

Original from LG (Made in Korea)

18650 2200 mAh and 3200 mAh

LTO Battery /LTO Battery pack

21V50A Lithium polymer battery pack charger

Smart NiMh Battery Charger

LI-ion Battery Pack Charger

Golf Troller Battery

Energy Storage/E-Vhicle Battery series

UPS-Portable Power System

Multi-function Emergency Starter and Power Bank

14.4V 2A LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Smart Battery Pack

IFR 32650-12V 100Ah